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Haya Labs - Review

Have you ever heard of Haya Labs? Let me guess - you've heard it once, you know nothing about it and you decided to search for this brand in Google. And you ended up here.

I am IT professional who knows how to use network tools and I'll show you that Haya Labs is not a US brand. It's 100% operational from Bulgaria. This doesn't make it a bad brand, but it makes the quality of the products very questionable.

12-Jan-2016 - update BEGIN

I received a copyright infringement complaint and my original publication was temporarily removed by Google/Blogger. I can only speculate that the complaint has come from Sila BG - they are the actual owner of the Haya Labs brand. I filed DMCA counter notification and I'd like to present you some more details.

Just take a look at the above URL - it is clear that the brand Haya Labs has been registered by Sila BG OOD (the abbreviation OOD is the Bulgarian equivalent of the internationally recognized LTD). This fact by itself is enough to conclude that Haya Labs is not US brand but a Bulgarian brand registered in UK.

Historical WHOIS records for the domain ""
Historical WHOIS records for the domain ""
The above screenshot shows the historical WHOIS records for the domain As you can see, one year ago the domain owner has been Sila BG LTD. Since 21-Dec-2015 the new owner is hidden/unknown. Once again, we have enough traces to conclude that "Haya Labs" operates from Bulgaria.

DNS records for the domain ""
DNS records for the domain ""
The above screenshot shows all DNS record entries associated with the domain Take a look at the TXT record which contains SPF record. As you can see, the SPF record indicates that two hosts are allowed to send emails on behalf of These hosts are:
Both hosts are part of the hosting provider It is unclear why the US brand Haya Labs decided to use Bulgarian hosting provider for its email services. I think there are enough email providers both in USA and UK. Well, considering the information from the previous screenshot, I believe Sila BG simply forgot to change this DNS record. Note that this is not historical data - this is the real DNS record data, which is publicly available at this moment.

I will update this publication with more interesting information really soon, so stay tuned!

Below you will find the original publication. Please be advised that all information was accurate at the time of the original publication, which was approximately 6 months ago.

12-Jan-2016 - update END

First of all - let's see what we know about the brand. This has been taken from

"HAYA LABS is set in 2011 and now is a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high quality dietary supplements for health, wellness and sport. The company's headquarters are established in USA, and recently opened an office in London, United Kingdom for representation and distribution in Europe. The products complies with all regulations in nutrition industry in EU. Guarantees for best quality and purity of all ingredients are the huge number of company's awards and certifications, such as GMP, USDA Organic, Kosher, Halal, IFOS, NSF, NSF Sport and TGA."

So far so good. There is also a Facebook page which you can find on the UK website. We can find the following entry on the FB page:

To all of our fans and customers - now you can buy our products from our exclusive partners in your country:

Spain -
Spain -
Belgium and Netherlands -
Latvia -
Portugal -
Bulgaria -
Greece -
Romania -
Hungary -

Now let's check who's behind most of these websites: - unknown owner, Bulgarian hosting provider ( - the owner is SILA BG LTD, which is a Bulgarian based nutrition supplement retailer. The hosting provider is again - unknown owner, the hosting provider is again - unknown owner, the hosting provider is again - unknown owner, the hosting provider is again

It seems that most of these websites are owned by someone who's not willing to reveal himself. :)

In fact it's so much easier to check ScamAdviser and see what it says about Haya Labs websites. Let's check them: - well, it seems that it really is a Bulgarian website, registered by the Bulgarian individual Vasil Radivoev. I can't believe that such highly rewarded "manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high quality dietary supplements for health, wellness and sport" hasn't reserved the domain! What a shame! :) - almost the same thing. The site is owned by SILA BG LTD (as we already know). A quick search in the Bulgarian commercial registry agency ( reveals that Vasil Radivoev is one of the owners of SILA BG LTD.

So, my personal conclusion is that Haya Labs is a Bulgarian brand and the actual supplements have unknown origin since there is absolutely no reliable information about the actual manufacturer. Besides, can we believe anything they say about their own products? They try to convince us that Haya Labs is an American brand when the facts clearly show that this is simply not true!

Oh, you can try to find some more information about Joseph Hayyah - according to the above websites he's the founder of Haya Labs. Please let me know if you actually find this guy somewhere. Anywhere. Any article at all. No? Nothing? Yep, same here...

Now it's time to say again that all of this doesn't necessarily mean that Haya Labs is a bad brand. It simply means that it's not a US brand. The products may still be manufactured in USA but I really doubt that. And I really doubt that we get the quality we pay for.

Actually I already contacted SILA BG LTD and I asked them to provide me with more information about the actual manufacturer. I got indirect response (I guess it was unintentionally emailed to me) that they are trying to figure out how to answer my question. And I still have no official answer. :)

That's all, folks! Have a nice life and don't forget to eat real fruits and vegetables instead of nutritional supplements with unknown origin! :)


  1. A Waste Of Money5 November 2015 at 12:24

    I tried their product, called Yohimbine HCL. I took 20 mg (8 pills) on an empty stomach. Nothing. No stimulation. No aphrodisiac effect, nothing - zero effect. 15 mg should have had strong stimulant and aphrodisiac effect. Then I took 30 2.5 mg pills (75 mg, on an empty stomach). Still absolutely nothing. No stimulant effect - nothing. The recommended dose (on the bottle) is 2.5 mg 2 times a day.
    There is no yohimbine in their product, they are a scam and should be prosecuted.

  2. Great ..I've ended here just as you said...Thanks for this.

  3. I have received today Sports Creatine HCL and Sports AAKG from Haya Labs, ordered by an internetshop. They are both produced in St Petersburg. They were cheap. But now I will trow them away, don't trust the quality. Thanks for the info.

  4. Thank you, I had some doubts but now is clear for me.


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